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Sigma Commerce is a world-class ERP software for the direct-to-consumer industry.

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Powerful Tools

Robust modules provide all the tools your business needs to effectively process orders, manage inventory, and win customers.

Cross-Platform Integration

Integrate your current systems into Sigma Commerce through our custom APIs and get the complete picture of your operations.

Customer Support

Support is available 24/7. Search our community Q&A or watch tutorials at any time to get the most out of your installation.

Dive Under the Hood

Manage every step of your business by integrating commerce, customer service, and business processes.

Multi-channel Retail Solution

One platform to house information from all order management points: call centers, web stores, and retail stores.


More than 100 pre-built standard reports and the ability to create custom reports too.

Alerts by Email

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with custom alerts to your email.


All-in-one multichannel solutions for retailers, small and large.

Order Management System

Customer Relationship Management

Product Data Management

Warehouse Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about Sigma Commerce.

Does Sigma Commerce have a CRM?

Yes! We have a robust Customer Relationship Management module included. It has a variety of tools and features to improve sales and marketing processes.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes! Contact us to learn more.

What support is included?

When a new client is onboarded, our team will develop an onboarding plan. After onboarding, our support desk is available on an ongoing basis.

Does the platform track inventory in real-time?

Sigma Commerce tracks inventory in real-time and provides updates to your website so you never sell product not in your inventory.

Does Sigma Commerce optimized for warehouse operations?

Yes! Our comprehensive warehouse management system includes put-away logic, real-time inventory monitoring, complex picking rules, autosuggestion logic, and much more to support your team’s work.

What 3rd party apps can I integrate?

The list of third-party apps we integrate with is growing. Currently, Sigma Commerce integrates with Sage 500.


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