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When Everything Matters

Sigma Commerce is a world-class developer of ERP software for the direct-to-consumer industry. Manage every step of your business by integrating commerce, customer service, and business processes.

Finally, a multi-channel order management solution that addresses promotional strategies, the customer-facing web store, and call center.
Our Mission


We provide clients with the most effective solutions backed by unsurpassed service and the greatest opportunity for professional and personal growth for our employees.

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The human element

What's our secret?

We cater only to our clients and internal stakeholders - not public shareholders.

Our Values

Sigma Commerce employees come from various industry backgrounds and bring a vast array of skill sets with them. However, every person on our team possesses a little something ‘extra’ – it’s what we call the Sigma Commerce Core Values. These beliefs are the cornerstone of our operations, and they fuel the success of both our clients and our people.

Client Success

Our clients are our partners. Their success defines our success. We are a direct extension of our clients and value the trust they place in us above all else.


We are honest, hardworking people who say what we mean and do what we say. We take responsibility for our actions always.


We value and celebrate collective success as much as individual achievement. We respect one another and are selfless in our actions.


We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most. We are committed to a focused pursuit of excellence.


We pour our hearts and minds into our work and are people of action. We won’t stop until the job is done.

Sharing & Respect

We share resources and information and respect our colleagues, their time, and contributions.

Trusted by

Team Members


Cary Samourkachian

CEO & President
Cary draws upon his expertise in ecommerce and enterprise management to provide leadership to the company.

Chris Mangino

Head of Information Technology
Chris is the chief bit juggler and leads the development, support, and infrastructure teams.

Tim Jaeck

Director of Finance
Tim keeps those dollars and cents straight and makes sure the team has access to necessary resources.

Amy Bouchard

Corporate Coms & Talent Acquisition Manager
Amy manages the talent recruitment efforts and marketing communications.

Data Services

Dave Metz

Database Administrator
Dave ensures all the databases run efficiently and keeps the records safe and secure.


Suresh Kumar

Software Development Team Lead
Suresh currently leads both development teams to keep the systems in working order.

Picture Yourself Here!

Software Development Team Lead-Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Office needs a team lead to mentor, support, and lead this group of developers. Follow the link below to learn more.

David He

Software Engineer II
David brings his positivity and passion for coding to the development team. He specializes in bug hunting.

Coming Soon!

Software Engineer II
Look for a C++ guru joining the team in June.

Philip Garibaldi

Software Engineer
Philip is a pro when it comes to product troubleshooting and software development. He's new to Sigma joining the team in 2021.

Eli Armstrong

Software Engineer
New to Sigma, Eli joined the team in 2021. He also teaches software development at the local college.

Picture Yourself Here!

Software Engineer
Seeking new developers to join our team!


Brett Peterson

Infrastructure Manager
Brett keeps everything running smoothly for Sigma and all our clients. Through thick and thin, Brett has been there since 2008.

Coder Cable

System Engineer - Telephony/Infrastructure Site Supervisor
Coder knows first hand what it takes to keep a busy operation humming right along. Since 2008, he's ensured that when the call comes in, we can say "hello!"

Matthew Brunner

IT Infrastructure Support Technician II
Matthew keeps our clients' hardware working like a charm. He's our boots on the ground.

Cheyenne Rambo

Infrastructure Support Technician
Cheyenne works closely with Matthew to support our team's workstations.


Scott Ashburn

Application Support Manager
Scott's experience with Sigma Commerce dates back to the roots of the platform back in 2006. When it comes to training and support, Scott is the best!

Annette Harris

Technology Support Rep
Annette supports the team as well as clients' trouble tickets. Her tenacity finds a way to solve any issue.

Coming Soon!

Application Support Technician
A new tech whiz joins the team in June.


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