Software has transformed the way we work. Firms can implement new technologies that automate mundane tasks. Today, we enjoy increased productivity and accuracy with the freedom to pursue more meaningful work.

If you’ve been using the same software for a while, it might be time to make a change. Here are four signs your software is not meeting your needs:

  1. Your staff has developed ways to work around your software due to its limitations. Your staff may find that they have to trick the system to get their desired results or developed complicated export/imports to move data around. One client reported that staff had to export data from their old system then import it into a Microsft Access database to manipulate the data to meet their business needs. If your team frequently has to work around your system rather than in it, it’s time to look for a new solution.
  2. Your software has performance issues or isn’t compatible with your choice of technology. Unless updated regularly, old software will have glitches and bugs that impact performance and can leave your business open to vulnerabilities. Check your software for the last update and install any patches or updates that are pending. Today, most software is cloud-based and easily accessible with a web browser or has an app for mobile devices. Software that must be installed on a specific type of device, such as a desktop computer, hinders your team’s flexibility to meet your business objectives.
  3. You’re spending too much on operating costs. One sign that you need to look for new software is high operating costs. The right software brings down the cost of running a business with automation. Consider payroll. Before software, preparing payroll used to be a labor-intensive process. Today, payroll software uses business logic to streamline and automate these complicated calculations making payroll a breeze. With updated software, your business can enjoy higher profitability and accuracy.
  4. You’re having trouble keeping up with your competitors. Are your competitors offering cutting-edge technology to attract new customers or make better use of their time? If your competitor has found a way to provide better, faster service, know that this competitive advantage may draw your customers away. Consider your neighborhood market. If you know that their checkout always has lines, but the grocery store across the street has a self-checkout area, you’re more likely to go to the store with a self-checkout when you’re in a hurry.

The right software plays a critical role in making your business profitable. Keep your software up-to-date to take advantage of new technologies and automate business functions. It might be time to start exploring new options for your business needs.