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5 Signs You Need A New Inventory Management Software

Many ecommerce businesses start from the home garage as their first location. Managing inventory was easy. The business owner could easily walk over and look at how much inventory was on hand. As the volume and SKU count grow, it … Read More

Values Spotlight: Client Success

Client success spotlight with David He, Software Engineer. Client Success: Our clients are our partners. Their success defines our success. We are a direct extension of our clients and value the trust they place in us above all else. ~Sigma … Read More

Tech Corner: Try-Catch-Finally and Using Syntax in C# Application

By David He, Software Engineer As C# programmers we know that it is good practice to put code into the try-catch block for the application execution security and put any executing-required code in the finally block; but some people forget … Read More

Working from Home is Bad for Your Health

Time to reflect on working remotely and now that’s coming to a close. Let’s look at all the ways working from home is bad for your long-term health and happiness. We brainstormed 22 reasons why working from home can be … Read More

Tech Corner: Gaming as a Pathway to IT Learning

All images in this article are screen captures of actual game play, with the exception of the chart. Games provide a great way to relax and take a mental break from work. On a rare occasion, you find a game … Read More

Tech Corner: 3D Printing Everyday Objects

One employee received a 3D printer for his birthday last year; since then, he’s been printing custom products to make his life easier. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, creates three-dimensional components from CAD models. Digital blueprints can be … Read More


Values Spotlight: Teamwork

Teamwork spotlight with Annette Harris, Technology Support Rep. Teamwork: We value and celebrate collective success as much as individual achievement. We respect one another and are selfless in our actions. Annette joined the Sigma team nearly ten years ago when … Read More

Sigma Commerce Listed in Software Directory

Sigma Commerce was named to Software Connects’ directory of commercial software available for purchase. Their directory provides information about software, reviews, advice, and makes connections to developers. This all saves software consumers time and money in their selection process. You … Read More

Are Passwords a Thing of the Past?

Microsoft thinks so. Passwords are one vulnerable point in a system’s armor. We’re all guilty of it. We reuse passwords, even complex passwords across systems. When one system is compromised, now all other systems that have the same or similar … Read More

ERP Trends in 2021

The publication ERP News provided a summary of their predictions in 2021 for ERP solutions. The author argues that “inflexible solutions are capable of slowing down the digital transformation of a business.” With the growing marketplace of solutions, comprehensive ERP’s … Read More