The publication ERP News provided a summary of their predictions in 2021 for ERP solutions. The author argues that “inflexible solutions are capable of slowing down the digital transformation of a business.”

With the growing marketplace of solutions, comprehensive ERP’s are no longer just for big business. It’s common for small-scale businesses to leverage these solutions to help them deal with and manage growth.

According to the publication, the top trends will be:

  1. Cloud acceleration—cloud-based solutions reduce the need for expensive hardware and startup costs.
  2. Real-time data—improve consumer experience and streamline business decision-making.
  3. Integration of IoT—integration with sensors and machines to leverage automation.
  4. Mobile Application— improve workflow and access with mobile interfaces.
  5. Personalized solutions—one size does not fit all!
  6. AI integration—reduce load time, errors, and create workflows with AI options.
  7. Digital marketing—integration with web and social media for real-time analytics and publishing.