Client success spotlight with David He, Software Engineer.

Client Success: Our clients are our partners. Their success defines our success. We are a direct extension of our clients and value the trust they place in us above all else.

~Sigma Commerce Core Values

David He joined Sigma Commerce last fall as the first software engineer in the Las Vegas office, having spent the majority of his career working in gaming technologies.

“When you join a new company, the first thing you need to do is understand the platform. Those first 3-4 months were spent learning how the platform was set up and resolving issues. Sigma is a complex system, and it helped to have other team members show me around,” shared David.

One of the projects that gives David the most pride was resolving a printing issue. When he was first asked to look into the issue, he was a bit worried. Some team members had already spent time on it. It was a complex issue, and he was new to the system. As a true testament to his skills, David was able to untangle the issue and resolve it. In the end, his confidence grew, and customers were happy.   

“What I like most about working at Sigma Commerce is that we’re a small team. It feels like a family. When I first joined the team, I had no idea what was going on. Coworkers helped me to learn the platform. Once you understand the platform, it’s pretty easy, and you understood how to use it,” David further explained.

Fun fact: David’s first job after receiving his master’s degree in computer science and statistics from UNLV was with a company based in Las Vegas called Sigma Game, Inc. Here, he designed and developed new video slot games and video poker in C++ and MS SQL Server 6.5. It would seem David has come full circle!